Three ways you can increase your credibility with social media


Social Media CredibilityThe home service industry is extremely competitive and your credibility is everything. It can make or break your company. Do you know you can increase your company’s credibility by using social media?

Here are three ways social media can increase your credibility:

  1. Position your company as an expert – Provide great content that people will share with others. Use social media platforms to push out your press releases and media coverage. This will give you additional visibility and instant credibility.
  2. Transparency – Social media platforms that allow reviews of your company can help your credibility even if the review is not positive. If you respond quickly to all reviews and address each situation, you are viewed as being trustworthy. You are not just trying to promote all the positive and glaze over the negative. When researching your company, potential clients will read many of your reviews and if you have responded quickly, appropriately and non-argumentative they will see the professionalism in your company before ever engaging with you.
  3. Fun engagement – A great way to build trust is through entertainment. Do not always make your posts about your company or the services they offer. Provide value in a fun and creative way through daily content, infographics and contests.

It takes real creativity and expertise in the field of home service public relations to really make an impact in today’s competitive business world.

If you want to establish and maintain credibility for your plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical business, Ripley PR can help.  Contact us today.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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