Why you should hire a specialist B2B PR agency

B2B Public RelationsYou’re a business owner in a specialty, niche industry, and you are looking to boost your B2B profile. You’ve heard from fellow colleagues and competitors that there are specialty public relations agencies out there that could help you, but you’re not sure what value they could provide.

B2B public relations agencies can provide plenty of value especially if they have depth of knowledge in your industry. By the time you finish reading this, you will have a much better feel for the value a specialized public relations firm brings to your business. The following are why you need to hire a specialty B2B PR agency:

  1. They really do understand your business – If you look for the right kind of PR help for your business, you will probably find that there are agencies out there that really do understand your business. They have several clients in your same industry. They have learned from that experience and can apply it to your business for your benefit. They’ll be able to steer you to the best opportunities to gather momentum for your business.
  2. Specialty agencies have access to the best – A niche PR company frequently invests in hiring talent that comes not only from the writing and journalism world, but may actually come from your specific industry. This ensures the writing being done on your behalf is written in a voice familiar to your audience. They may even have someone on staff who has worked in the industry they are servicing. By employing that kind of in-house expert, a niche firm can actually become a de facto business partner for you. If you find a really good fit between your business and the team you employ, you will probably benefit from their industry knowledge. As a client, you want your PR agency to get up to speed quickly. A niche B2B public relations agency tends to be a quick learner for the reasons mentioned above.
  3. These agencies know the correct communications channels – It is one of the core competencies of agencies that specialize in niche industries to know and have excellent working relationships with media outlets in the specific area they are focused on. For example, PR professionals working within the health care field will have built up great relationships and knowledge of media who cover health care. That industry-focused agency will already know what messages resonate with industry media and will use them to the client’s advantage.
  4. A B2B PR agency can save you time – Whether you are the owner/operator of a small business or you’re the designated spokesperson for a larger company, you are probably too busy to take advantage of an editorial opportunity in a magazine or arrange editor meetings. Hire a specialty PR firm and let them do the work for you. Not only can your PR agency serve as your liaison to media, they can also engage with your fans and followers on social media on your behalf. Again, the fact that they know the industry helps them use your lingo that connects with your customers. In other words, you can focus on your business while your PR team focuses on bringing you business.
  5. The right agency brings peace of mind – The right PR team delivers for its clients. Choosing the wrong agency can lead to frustration for you and your business partners. PR can be a great tool in your business toolbox, and the right specialty PR professionals delivering results for you can help you sleep at night. If you engage with an agency that specializes in your industry, it’s not a business gamble to engage them. It’s an investment in your bottom line.

If any of the above resonates with you and your unique business, we at Ripley PR would love to talk with you. Not only are we a B2B public relations agency, we know we can deliver results for you and give you the peace of mind all business owners crave.

John Cherry, Senior Brand Manager

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