Why it’s important to have a franchise social media policy

Think about the social media presence of your franchise. (If you don’t have a social media presence, we need to talk.) Social media usually consists of a combination of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for promotion, engagement and interaction with customers. Franchisees are often encouraged to post to their own social media accounts to promote their locations. If you are an owner, ask yourself a question—do you have a social media policy? If not, this would be a great time for you to talk to the franchise public relations experts at Ripley PR to help create your policy. Franchise social media policy

Why is a social media policy important? The reasons include:

Social media can be tricky for businesses, especially if there are employees that are posting questionable content. We know about this from personal experience. We had a client who had received a message at their corporate location regarding an employee who was saying horrific things on their own personal social media pages. The problem? Front and center on their social pages was information that stated they were employed by our client. Having a social media policy in place allowed the client to take action against the employee immediately.

Having a social media policy in place can also offer protection against potential employee actions. While it may seem like common sense for an employee not to share the “secret sauce” that helps a business to succeed, specific policies against sharing proprietary information can help protect your company. In addition, a disgruntled employee that makes false claims on social media can be dealt with more effectively if a policy is in place.

Brand Awareness and Consistency:
Your brand can be the most important component to growth. Without a social media policy in place regarding what can and can’t be posted, claims might be made that could damage your overall brand reputation. Supplying content that is approved prior to posting will allow for better control of your brand integrity.

Having social media outlets is important to reach potential customers and owners. Social media can enhance your overall marketing efforts and drive significant, positive results for locations. Incorporating a social media policy to protect from harm makes smart business sense and can help prevent pitfalls for your brand. If you need assistance in crafting your policy, the team at Ripley PR can help.


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