What Drives Your PR Strategy?

Car_Engine_DriveWhether you’re a manufacturer, supplier, or dealer, every level of the automotive industry deserves a deliberate, well-designed public relations strategy.

The right PR strategy has the power to boost sales and brand loyalty, but it must be driven by proper analysis and a clear understanding of your audience and their objectives.

How your prospects search

When you are considering a new vendor or partner for your business, one of the first things you do is research them. You figure out ahead of time who they are and what they can offer before you even pick up the phone.

For the majority of people you want to do business with, this is how they search for you and your business as well. They’re in the driver’s seat, and they’ve already developed an opinion about you and what you can offer before they contact you. Once they call or email, you’re already on their short list, but if they’re not reaching out to you at all, it’s probably because there wasn’t enough information about you and how you can address their pain points to form an opinion at all.

PR: the key to connecting before contact

Since your prospects are doing a lot of their research up front, without any direct interaction, your public relations strategy should be designed to address their problems with your solutions by offering as much credible information as possible.

By developing informative blogs, white papers and case studies, and procuring third party advocacy on a consistent basis, you build an authoritative, fact-based profile of your company that prospects can easily access and process on their own time.

Solutions through segmentation

Unless you’re targeting one very specific niche, you’re probably looking to connect with at least a small variety of clients and partners with your products and services.

The PR content that you create and earn can be segmented – from media outlets to search engine optimization (SEO) – so that you connect with specific audiences about the solutions you offer. By engaging the exact audience with the exact information they’re looking for, you not only increase your PR reach but also its effectiveness.

Adding this tailored approach to your automotive PR strategy will ensure that regardless of where they are searching, your name comes up.

Your prospects are in control when it comes to researching and learning about your automotive business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be there with them every step of the way. To increase your leads and loyalty, help prospects make an informed decision with a PR strategy that focuses their goals and objectives.

Be there before they’re ready to make contact, and you’ll stay top of mind with the prospects that matter most to you.

JD Sizemore, Account Supervisor

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