Is your franchise stuck in the Stone Age?

slow-technology-adoption-franchise-growthWhy slow adoption to technology is killing your franchise growth

For the massive amount of technology we have at our finger tips, there’s an even more surprising amount of businesses and entrepreneurs who don’t take advantage of it. They’re called late adopters.

Mostly the reason for late adoption to technology boils down to two things:

  1. I don’t want to commit the time
  2. I’m afraid I can’t learn it

Whichever camp you happen to be in (often it can be both), you’ve built yourself a good reason to stay away from technology. But if you’re trying to grow your franchise business, you are hurting your long-term prospects of having a larger market share by not adoption technology that will serve you properly.

Technology is what you make of it.

Sure, there’s plenty of new technologies out there, and plenty in the past have dissolved as quickly as they appeared, but we’re not talking about early adoption or the Diffusion of Innovation Theory. You don’t have to be on the cutting edge of technology for it to serve you properly.

But you shouldn’t be a laggard, either.

LinkedIn is a great example of a technology that can serve you properly and help you grow your franchise.

More and more business leads are coming in through LinkedIn, and the franchise industry is no different.

Even if you can’t directly source a lead to LinkedIn, you can safely assume that your franchise’s LinkedIn page—and your personal profile—were researched during the decision making process.

LinkedIn is just one example of the technology that is available to you that can have a huge impact on the franchise leads you generate and your ability to convert prospects into buyers.

LinkedIn is not that hard to use, nor does it take a lot of your time once you learn how to use it. But it can serve you properly by helping you showcase your franchise and connect with qualified prospects. And it isn’t some state of the art technology. In fact, LinkedIn has been around longer (2002) than Twitter (2006) and Facebook (2004).

If you haven’t been using LinkedIn—or any number of the useful technologies that are out there for your business—to the fullest potential, give Ripley PR a call. We have experience taking franchise owners out of the Stone Age and into the 21st century, all while helping them grow their business.

JD Sizemore, Account Supervisor

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