How to Get the Most Out of Your Franchise Development

lead generation strategies - franchise public relationsThree ways public relations generates franchise leads

If you’re looking to generate qualified leads for your franchise, public relations is an important part of your franchise development strategy.

Public relations helps you maintain a strong market presence over time, which leads to more and more qualified franchisees visiting your website or calling your phone number. Here’s how:

  1. It pushes your name to the top of Google searches – The first place entrepreneurs are going to go to do their research on a franchise investment is the internet. If you’re consistently pushing out press releases and blogs, and generating interviews and bylines for your franchise and franchisees, that information is going to consistently show up in those searches.
  2. It keeps your name in the news – Speaking of Google, If you go to Google News and type in the name of your franchise, what’s the first thing that comes up? If it’s not your franchise, you need to invest in a franchise public relations strategy ASAP. If you have a strategy and your name isn’t showing up, now is the time to address why it isn’t showing up in Google News. Google News is an aggregate of all the news sources online that have the proper SEO to allow for Google to index the latest news and information that is published on their site. If you’re not showing up in Google News, you’re not showing up in the publications and on the websites of important industry and franchise media.
  3. It creates unbiased, third party accounts of your success – Not only will those looking for a franchise to invest in review your website for information about your company, they’ll also look at what the media and other unbiased third party sources are saying about your company. In fact, studies have shown that earned media (publicity gained without paying directly for it) is viewed as the most trusted and authentic form of marketing and is “more” or “as effective” as paid media.

If public relations isn’t a part of your franchise development strategy, give us a call. As franchise public relations experts, we can work with you to keep your name top of mind with qualified franchise leads.

JD Sizemore, Account Supervisor

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