How do You Become an Expert in Your Market?

How to become an expert in your marketWe get this question a lot from business owners in the home service – HVAC, plumbing and electrical – industries. You spend your life building a business and developing knowledge that makes you successful, and you would like to leverage that knowledge.

People like to do business with experts. Once you are seen as an expert in your field and your market, it will help to open the door to more business opportunities.

But how do you become an expert in your market?

Enter home service public relations. By adding a focused public relations strategy to your marketing mix, you will be able to leverage your expert knowledge in a way that traditional marketing rarely does.

Below are four ways that home service public relations can help to position you as an expert in your market.

  • Introduce you to targeted media outlets as an expert. Journalists and editors are constantly looking for new story ideas and experts to comment on trends in the industry. If they don’t know about you, they will do interviews with somebody else. Your HVAC, plumbing and electrical PR agency will help to keep your name top of mind for expert interviews and newsworthy story ideas.
  • Write articles for news sites and trade publications. Various media outlets, especially trade publications, look for columnists and experts to contribute educational articles about key industry issues and trends. PR professionals can help to secure those opportunities and even create the content on your behalf.
  • Coordinate interviews with local radio stations and podcasts. There are a myriad of podcast and radio shows that constantly need new content to stay relevant. A public relations expert will help you to identify good opportunities to reach your target audience, and coordinate all the logistics around these interviews. For some, media training is helpful to calm the nerves and prepare for live interviews.
  • Use trust triggers. After you have been interviewed by your local TV station, or had an article published by a trusted outlet, you can share the content in various ways to build trust. For example, if you are an expert in plumbing and the local TV station did an interview with you to talk about things homeowners can do to prevent their pipes from freezing during winter, you want to share the interview on social media as a way to trigger trust. If your customers trust that media outlet and you were featured on it, customers will feel you are worthy of their trust as well. It is important to be mindful of copyright laws. Your PR team can recommend ways to share content without overstepping copyright laws so you can make the most of all the exposure you get.

If you are interested in finding out more about ways you can position yourself as an expert in your market, contact the experienced home services public relations professionals at Ripley PR.

Celeste Vlok, Senior Brand Manager

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