How content can help you close that franchise deal

Expert content can generate interest and leads for your franchise business

There are many tools in the franchise marketing toolbox, and we use a lot of them here at Ripley, a global franchise public relations agency. We support the franchisees with new business, but we can also help at the franchisor level. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through the development of quality content that can help franchisors reach both potential customers – and franchisees.

Here are five ways expert content can generate interest from potential franchisees and help franchisors close the deal:

  1. There are a lot of potential franchisees out there. Content marketing can help you target a specific demographic, be they conversion owners, veterans, retirees or the independently wealthy. Know your target, and your content can be spun their way. If you are targeting retirees, for instance, you can develop content for AARP magazine.
  2. Being seen. If someone is considering opening a franchise, they are bound to search for more information online. If you have content on a specific blog and it includes appropriate search terms and has good page placement on search engines, the aspiring franchisee will likely find it. Good use of keywords can provide even more intimate placement.
  3. Casting nets. Good content can be repurposed and distributed over company and franchise blogs and a range of social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The better the content is, the more prominently it will appear on search engines. The holy grails of content marketing are links and likes. If a reputable online medium links to your content, its value will increase immensely, and it will get in front of more eyeballs. Quality content with a lot of ‘likes’ will also be more visible in cyberspace. So while searching for potential franchisees, you can also market your franchise opportunities in front of more people – and even generate customers in the process.
  4. Framing yourself. Good content can provide more gravitas to your brand, and frame yourself as an expert and authority in your chosen franchise field. Potential franchisees will be more opt to reach out to franchisors who come across as not only intelligent and knowledgeable, but approachable, as well. So don’t be shy about inserting humor or personality into your content.
  5. Answering questions. Any franchisor likely knows the typical questions expected of potential franchisees, such as fees, corporate support, advertising, and income. Good content can frame your pitch and separate the wheat from the chaff of potential franchisees. It can also lay out a roadmap of what your potential franchisees can expect as they come on board – all thanks to an articulated and targeted approach to content marketing.


There’s a lot more to content marketing than creating words for words’ sake, or having something to simply throw on a website. It can grow your brand and bring new franchisees on board.

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