How can PR help you recruit technicians?

Manufacturing PRJob opportunities in the home services industry are begging for people to fill them. The average age of a professional trades person is 55 and many have already retired. Finding experienced and qualified technicians remains a big challenge.

According to U.S. Census Bureau Statistics, millennials will shape the job market for the next three decades — all 80 million of them. So the question is, what can you do to attract the right millennials to your business?

Steve Swanson, an expert contributor for Contractor magazine, recently wrote about two observations he made while working and training millennial technicians. He said, “failure to attract millennials into the trades is financial suicide,” and “the differences that millennials exhibit are exactly the right skills we need to keep us in business.”

One way to reach this audience for recruiting purposes is through specialized home service public relations.

Ways home services PR can help your business include:

Appropriate communication on different platforms

Millennials are great at communicating, but they make use of modern technology. Everything is digital. They get their news on websites like Buzzfeed and they like to broadcast their every move on social media.

Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to connect you to people you would never have been able to reach. Home services PR professionals can help you identify the right platforms to reach your target audience and create content applicable to each platform.

Create accurate and detailed job descriptions

You need to accurately communicate what you have to offer. According to Swanson, it’s important to show millennials the benefits of a career in the trades. This includes:

  • Good starting wages — often much better than wages for starting college graduates
  • Opportunity to start working right away
  • No student loans
  • Good benefits

The public relations professionals at Ripley PR can help you create the perfect avatar for the candidate you are looking for and communicate what you have to offer in the appropriate manner for the platforms you will use.

Show your culture

Potential employees will want to see what the company culture is like. Your company website and social media platforms will go a long way in showcasing what the company values are and whether the company is a fit for them. Your PR agency can help you to better tell your story, showcase your company culture and make it easy for interested recruits to connect with your business.

For more information on how home services public relations can help you with recruitment for your home services business, contact Ripley PR.

Celeste Vlok, Senior Brand Manager

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