How are your competitors getting so many mentions in the trade magazines?

Are you flipping through the different trade publications and getting frustrated because you continue to see the same competitors mentioned? Not in an advertisement, but in an actual article. How are they continuing to make it into these articles, but there is no mention of your company? I can answer that question easily for you. It is because they have good PR. A heath IT public relations company like Ripley PR spends a lot of time developing relationships with the editors and reporters from these trade publications and they have established their clients as the “experts” in the field.  Here are some examples of how PR can help your health IT company get mentions in the trade publications.

  • Positive media coverage – A good public relations firm knows the best publications and markets to reach your target audience. Media coverage acts as a third party endorsement of your brand and message and can drive positive coverage for your brand.
  • Reputation Management – PR agencies can monitor and respond to poor reviews by showcasing the positive aspects of your business. This strategy will not make negative reviews disappear entirely, but it can offer a greater emphasis on the positive qualities of your business to help drive more positive results. In addition, a public relations partner like Ripley PR can also assist your business in the event there is a crisis related to your brand by creating strategies for timely responses during a crisis situation.
  • Awareness – In order to get your brand message in front of the right people to help your company get picked up in the trade publications. Writing and pitching your good news stories, writing blogs with pertinent industry content, and creating social media posts that build a buzz are all examples of how PR can help.

If you want to get your company mentioned in the trade publications, the health IT public relations professionals at Ripley PR can assist you when you contact us today.



Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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