Health Information Technology, Do You Need Public Relations?

In the highly regulated and rapidly growing field of health information technology, public relations is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Every health IT company wants to be at the top of the decision makers’ minds when the question arises as to which software or solution they want to select for their hospital, medical group or private practitioner’s office. A specialized Heath IT public relations agency like Ripley PR, can devise a strategy to position your company at the top and keep you there.

Positive media coverage

A specialized public relations agency knows how to reach your target audience, by using the best markets and trade publications. Ripley PR can use client testimonials or case studies to position your company as the expert in the field and gain third-party media coverage. A third party endorsement of your brand can drive positive, credible coverage for your business, and ultimately add to your lead generation funnel.

Reputation Management

PR agencies can monitor and respond to poor reviews by showcasing the positive aspects of your business. This strategy will not make negative reviews disappear entirely, but it can offer a greater emphasis on the positive qualities of your business to help drive more positive results. Also, a public relations partner like Ripley PR can also assist your business in the event there is a crisis related to your brand by creating strategies for timely responses during a crisis.


Writing and pitching press releases about new projects, clients and executive hires, as well as writing blogs with relevant industry content, and creating social media posts that position you as industry experts are all examples of how PR can help.

It is important to select a public relations agency that specializes in health IT and understands the problems and challenges your audience is trying to solve. A specialized agency is knowledgeable of the legislation and regulations that guide the health IT industry. The Knoxville-based health IT public relations agency professionals at Ripley PR are happy to assist you.


Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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