Happy Anniversary: Earning Media Coverage for Corporate Milestones

Congratulations! Your B2B company has reached a milestone, whether it’s your 1st anniversary or 10th or 25th. But it’s not just a date on the calendar. You can use it to gain some valuable earned media coverage. An experienced B2B public relations agency knows how to leverage the milestone into coverage by broadcast and social media as well as online and print publications.Business anniversary

Rather than simply buying advertisements, you can market the story of your B2B company to local, regional and national media. Earned coverage of your anniversary, by trusted local and trade publications or through the broadcast media, is the most efficient way to improve your reputation and brand image.

Your company’s anniversary can also be used as the basis for extensive content marketing: generating press releases, blogs, infographics, or even videos concerning the history of the business as well as customer testimonials. It could be promoted in conjunction with a redesign and relaunch of your website. There are many story hooks that can be used to attract the attention of journalists and writers.

A B2B public relations agency like Ripley PR can pitch the story of your company to media outlets far beyond just traditional newspapers and television stations. You can leverage our extensive relationships with the outlets that specialize in your industry. Once you gain coverage of your anniversary milestone, our social media team can boost the signal through a solid social media strategy to promote your brand on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The return on investment for promoting the milestone will continue far beyond the anniversary itself. The content can be used to help increase your company’s ranking in internet search engine results. Visibility creates more visibility. More visibility means more leads. For more information about how you can use B2B public relations to earn media coverage for your company’s milestone, contact Ripley PR today or call us at 865-977-1973.

Joel Davis, Senior Content Specialist

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