Driving media relations for your automotive business

autoindustryThe automotive industry, like many others, is driven by influence. If your product, service or entire vehicle isn’t being showcased to industry influencers, your sales will be hampered. This is where strategic media relations comes in to play to influence the influencers.

If you want to boost the performance of your automotive business, you should consider these automotive public relations tactics to improve your media relations.

  • Press Releases: While tried and true, press releases are often overlooked today as a way to improve business. However, by having a press release developed for any new product or service you provide, you can deliver information to the relevant media that influence consumer and business buying habits. It’s important to realize that automotive media are just as informed as your shoppers, so your press release content needs to speak that particular language to boost your credibility.
  • Visual Content: Did you just develop a new aftermarket part for a particular engine? How about a new product line of tires? Creating visual content that shows these products actually working can grab the attention of automotive media who will want to learn more and develop a story of your brand. Make sure you’re creating and pushing out images and videos and doing so often.
  • Media events: A staple of the major auto manufacturers, well executed media events can have a healthier ROI compared to other forms of paid media. Not only does inviting relevant media to experience your product or service first hand help build a positive reputation, it helps build a connection with industry influencers.

Building a positive reputation for your automotive business takes time, but it can be accelerated with strategic media relations. If you’re curious as to what automotive PR can do for you, contact us at Ripley PR today.


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