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Five key ways Ripley PR can bolster your business

  From content development to crisis management, you need PR pros We’re in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains, but we get our clients plenty of light across the country and around the world. Ripley PR is a Knoxville-area... Read more

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Five Steps to B2B Success: Generating Leads with Content Marketing

To avoid getting lost in a crowd of competitors, content marketing should be part of your B2B public relations toolkit. Content marketing is based on a simple equation. Give potential customers what they want (the right information), and they’ll give... Read more

7 Tips to Get the Most out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has long been popular with B2B companies to achieve their marketing goals. This social media platform has remained popular with college graduates and high-income earners, based on a recent study from the Pew Research Center.  Half (50 percent) of... Read more

B2B Public Relations and Social Media Challenges

When it comes to social media campaigns for your B2B organization, taking the time to review what you are trying to say, who your target audience is and how the message that you are trying to convey will be received... Read more

Three Reasons to Take Advantage of Twitter

If you approach Twitter as just another medium for broadcasting your company’s communications, you have missed the point. And you have missed a gold mine of ways for your business to make some connections that could turn out to be... Read more

What Should Your LinkedIn Profile Look Like?

Every day it seems that another social media site pops up. The most popular ones for consumers include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. But for businesses, LinkedIn is a must. This is the one that positions you and your company... Read more

Social Media Best Practices: The Best Times to Post and Why

The old philosophical idea regarding “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” can be updated for today’s world for B2B businesses to be “If you tweet an... Read more

How Do You Get Your Construction Projects To Be Seen On Google?

If we could tell you how to get your construction projects to appear on page one of a Google search without hard work, we’d package that and move to Tahiti. Fun to think about but not realistic. As construction public... Read more

Ripley PR new websites for B2B businesses

Does your B2B business need a new website?

As a business owner, ask yourself a quick question—when was the last time you looked at your B2B website? While that question may seem easy to answer, follow up by asking yourself a harder question—when is the last time you... Read more

Are You Listening to Your Potential Leads?

Social media has given businesses, especially social media for B2B companies, a means to better communicate with their worldwide audience. Incorporating social media into your B2B public relations strategy allows opportunities for better engagement with potential and current customers and... Read more

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