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A Powerful Tool to Grow Your Manufacturing Business

Creating videos is a powerful tool to help grow your manufacturing business. According to a recent study, 70 percent of B2B buyers watch a video sometime during their buying process. And researchers are viewing 30 minutes or more of B2B-related... Read more

5 Tips to Prepare for a Crisis

Advice to get a crisis communication blueprint in place for your manufacturing business Having a crisis communication plan is an unfortunate necessity for any business, especially manufacturing companies. The manufacturing public relations professionals at Ripley PR compiled a list of... Read more

SEO in the Manufacturing Industry: Why Public Relations is Key

As manufacturing organizations start paying more attention to search engine optimization (SEO) efforts that will help them increase visibility and drive more traffic to their websites, decision makers in the industry start to realize that this shift in marketing and... Read more

Be prepared before disaster strikes

  Hurricane Harvey highlights need for manufacturing PR we hope you won’t need A local journalist reporting from Rockport, Texas in the wake of horrible Hurricane Harvey probably spoke for most of the town when he described the scene as... Read more

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4 Examples of How Manufacturing Public Relations Can Help You Recruit

Recruiting can be painful. But there are ways and means to position your manufacturing company as a great place to work. Here are four examples of how manufacturing public relations can help you with recruitment. Potential employees will: Read about... Read more

Ripiley PR Manufacturing Public Relations

Recruiting Employees with Manufacturing PR

Finding qualified employees is often a challenge for manufacturing companies. A manufacturing public relations strategy that integrates social media can help bring you to the attention of the candidates you need. Social media recruiting Using social media for recruiting is... Read more

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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PR Agency for your Manufacturing Company

If you are looking to hire a PR agency for your manufacturing company, it’s important to do proper research about the agency before signing on the dotted line. Manufacturing public relations is a great way to reach your target audience... Read more

All Eyes on You: Scoring Feature Articles for Your Manufacturing Company

Your competitors are showing up in trade magazines and newspapers while your manufacturing business gets ignored. Not quite fair, is it?  What do they have that you don’t? The answer is nothing. That kind of coverage is within your reach,... Read more

Ripley PR content specialists Fraser, Davis take home two first-place press awards

Ripley PR senior content specialists Joel Davis and Thomas Fraser received recognition for excellence in journalism during the annual East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists Golden Press Card Awards. The awards, announced April 30, acknowledge the best East Tennessee print,... Read more

If You Build It They Will Come: Creating Goodwill for Your Manufacturing Business Through PR

You’re a manufacturer. You build things like jet engines and tile and stuffed animals. That’s what you sell. Who needs manufacturing public relations when all you have to do is make your widgets to succeed? If you’ll pardon a little... Read more

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