Healthcare IT Public Relations

Are Your Executives Speaking at Healthcare IT Events?

Attending conventions, conferences and other health IT industry events is a part of doing business. It’s a chance to connect with your colleagues, meet new business contacts and collect prospects. It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about different... Read more

Health IT Public Relations: PR Professionals Can Help you Get Top Speaking Engagements

What are the best opportunities to deliver your company’s message to its target audiences in health IT? There are many opportunities for businesses in health IT to attend a multitude of events and trade shows. But which ones are useful... Read more

Escaping the Hall of Shame: Protect Your Health IT Business with a Cybercrisis PR Plan

So, your health technology company is about to hit the big time, but with scale comes the potential for devastating data breaches. Do you have a healthcare IT public relations plan in place to help you recover if the worst... Read more

Health Information Technology, Do You Need Public Relations?

In the highly regulated and rapidly growing field of health information technology, public relations is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Every health IT company wants to be at the top of the decision makers’ minds when the... Read more

Why Successful Health IT companies Never underestimate Social Media

Is your digital marketing as effective as your face-to-face marketing? Digital channels can be as effective in triggering a dialogue about your health IT products as face-to-face selling, according to a recent survey done by Bain & Company. Websites and... Read more

How PR can help you maximize exposure at Trade Shows

Boost your exposure at trade shows with health IT public relations Nothing competes with the face-to-face exposure you get at trade shows. It is a traditional marketing strategy that many health IT companies use to showcase their latest products and... Read more

How are your competitors getting so many mentions in the trade magazines?

Are you flipping through the different trade publications and getting frustrated because you continue to see the same competitors mentioned? Not in an advertisement, but in an actual article. How are they continuing to make it into these articles, but... Read more

Trade Show - Boosting your brand - Ripley PR

The trade show isn’t dead, you’re just not doing it right

Three ways to boost your brand at the next trade show It doesn’t take much research to see and hear why health IT companies have scaled back from trade show involvement: “Everything is digital nowadays.” “It costs too much.” “We... Read more

Healthcare IT public relations

How PR can establish your health IT company as a leader in 2017

Three ways public relations can boost your health IT company If you run a health IT company and are looking to increase your client base and gain more investor exposure, 2017 will be a pivotal year. Even despite the volatility... Read more

Healthcare IT data breach crisis - Ripley PR

Preparing for the worst: PR risk management for your healthcare IT company

Three tips to prepare you for a health IT public relations crisis Risk is a natural part of the healthcare system, and healthcare IT is no different. All you have to do is visit the Office of Civil Rights news... Read more

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