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Animal Advocacy Organizations Can Benefit from Public Relations Too

When anyone mentions animal advocacy, rescue or educational organizations people often think of the Humane Society of the United States, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the World Wildlife Fund to name just a few. These groups have... Read more

If you don’t have an online newsroom on your website, you may be missing out

When it comes to B2B public relations, earned media coverage is one of the greatest assets for promoting your company. Instead of buying advertisements, the most effective way to improve your brand image and reputation is through compelling stories published... Read more

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Are You Selling a Product or Service to Home Service Companies?

If you own a B2B home service business, one of the most important aspects of your business is your reputation with your clients. Without it, other businesses will not recommend you to their own business associates. Since word-of-mouth is one... Read more

Sales down? Why PR and marketing should be the last thing you cut from your budget

When sales are down, it’s a frightening and extremely stressful time for a CEO. The business doesn’t have as much money coming in, but all the bills and payroll still have to be paid on time. It’s a lot of... Read more

Franchisors: What is better than having a crisis plan? Having a crisis partner!

If you work for a franchisor and are responsible for marketing for franchise sales or providing materials and training for franchisees, you no doubt know how important it is to have a crisis communications plan. Having worked internally for a... Read more

PR Can Give You SEO, But SEO Can’t Give You PR

When I speak with home service business owners, they know they need to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to make sure their website shows up well on Google searches. And everyone knows the value of having a business’ website... Read more

Health IT Public Relations: PR Professionals Can Help you Get Top Speaking Engagements

What are the best opportunities to deliver your company’s message to its target audiences in health IT? There are many opportunities for businesses in health IT to attend a multitude of events and trade shows. But which ones are useful... Read more

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3 Steps to Increasing Booth Traffic at Auto Industry Trade Shows

As important as it is to find the right automotive public relations agency to help you find and participate in the top auto industry-related events, the most effective PR firm will leverage your trade show presence to encourage booth traffic,... Read more

“I’m not ready for PR yet”

You’re busy growing your home service business. Every day, you go to the office and work hard to motivate your team and create an outstanding culture. You are busy with hiring events and reviewing job postings and trying new things... Read more

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Home Service Public Relations and Efficient Rebranding

Home service industry businesses whose brands have been around for many years often need a rebranding plan to better convey their message to today’s customer. With newer service businesses encroaching on your customer base, it’s almost a necessity. However, when... Read more

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