All Eyes on You: Scoring Feature Articles for Your Manufacturing Company

Your competitors are showing up in trade magazines and newspapers while your manufacturing business gets ignored. Not quite fair, is it?  What do they have that you don’t?Manufacturing news graphic.

The answer is nothing. That kind of coverage is within your reach, too, by partnering with an experienced manufacturing PR agency to get the word out about your accomplishments.

Earning coverage

It’s simple. You can begin the long-term process of developing relationships with the writers and editors who will provide the coverage you need or you can leverage the social capital of an established agency like Ripley PR instead.

A public relations partner can pitch stories about your manufacturing company and products to local, regional and national media. An experienced PR agency knows the right kind of publications and news programs to reach the potential customers and clients you want.

Securing earned media coverage is far more valuable than simply buying an advertisement. By using it to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, through strategic public relations, it will be even easier to garner more coverage going forward. It is a virtuous cycle that strengthens your brand.

The right narratives

Pitching a feature article takes more than just emailing a journalist and saying “Hey, this company is great.” It takes experience to find just the right hook or to tie stories about your business into broader trends being covered by the media at a particular moment.  We can advise your company on what stories trade publications are looking for or the issues that will get you coverage by local and regional media.

Who to call

At Ripley PR, we specialize in getting your manufacturing company coverage in trade publications to enhance your reputation as a rockstar in your industry. Contact us today.

Joel Davis, Senior Content Specialist

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