Are Your Executives Speaking at Healthcare IT Events?

Attending conventions, conferences and other health IT industry events is a part of doing business. It’s a chance to connect with your colleagues, meet new business contacts and collect prospects. It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about different aspects of your industry through informative speakers, workshops and training offered at these events and trade shows.

Networking is a huge reason many healthcare IT businesses and executives attend these events. Increasing respect and awareness for your business at trade shows is another aspect not to be underestimated.  Hosting a vendor booth is one way to gain attention for your healthcare IT business. Done well, a vendor booth will attract existing customers back to see what new offerings you are showcasing, and at the same time entice new prospects to check out your business.

The best way to attract new business, however, is through speaking opportunities before your peers at events that are well-attended by your industry colleagues and leaders.  Sitting on an educational panel or presenting on a timely, in-demand topic during an industry conference not only puts your business name front and center, but it also offers you the chance to get your name on conference hand outs and in brochures and convention promotional materials. It’s also a way to get your name in front of media outlets covering the convention.

Speaking or presenting doesn’t just happen, however. It takes effort and effective marketing and PR to make event promoters and planners take notice. Healthcare IT public relations tactics are needed to ensure you and your business are regarded as respected and trusted experts in your industry, and to make organizers jump at the chance to have you speak at their event.

Ripley PR is known for its expertise in PR for healthcare IT professionals, so why not engage the best PR firm for the job? If you want to gain attention and increase awareness of your business’ expertise and your speaking abilities, contact Ripley PR to find out how it helped other business executives secure speaking engagements that made a difference for their businesses.

Bill Mattern

This post was written by on November 17, 2017

Dominate social media with strategic posts and tactical tweets

Social media has fragmented the ways we communicate, and it seems the number of platforms grows every year. Facebook. Twitter. Linkedin. Instagram. Reddit. YouTube. The proliferation of platforms can be overwhelming.

Social Media CredibilityMost companies are too focused on their mission to keep up with all the changes. And brand integrity certainly shouldn’t be placed in the hands of the twentysomething clerk recently hired in accounts receivable or the son of the night shift supervisor. An ill-advised tweet or misguided post can alienate customers and suppliers, damaging the credibility of a company’s brand.

That’s why companies should turn to public relations firms to handle their social media outreach. Public relations professionals understand the need for a coherent, integrated strategy that sends a consistent message over many different channels.

Tailoring the form of the message to the framework of the medium is vital. Facebook and Linkedin, for example, are similar in that both are networking sites, but different in that Facebook is more about digital socializing, like a cookout, while Linkedin is about digital networking, like a reception. Public relations professionals also know the makeup of the audiences, which differ from platform to platform.

Public relations professionals work with companies to develop and implement social media strategies that work hand-in-glove with traditional media strategies.

The elements of a successful social media strategy include:

  • Align strategy to goals – A social media strategy should by in sync with goals the company already has established. This assures a unified message for the public relations firm to disseminate.
  • Align tactics to platforms – The message must be adapted to each platform. It seems obvious, but a tweet is not a Facebook post or a Linkedin update.
  • Curate content – Monitor and update sites on a regular basis.
  • Measure results – Technology allows companies to measure the effectiveness of the social media strategy. The number of Twitter followers or likes a Facebook page receives can be tracked and analyzed so that the strategy can be refined.

Of course, different industries require different approaches; manufacturing public relations and B2B public relations demand strategies unlike those taken by companies that market products and services to end-use consumers. If you want an approach tailored to your needs, you should call Ripley PR at 865.977.1973. We will work with you to develop a social media strategy that helps you meet your company’s goals.

Scott Barker

This post was written by on November 16, 2017

Health IT Public Relations: PR Professionals Can Help you Get Top Speaking Engagements

What are the best opportunities to deliver your company’s message to its target audiences in health IT? There are many opportunities for businesses in health IT to attend a multitude of events and trade shows. But which ones are useful for your business and which will fail to create top-of-mind awareness with your target audience? Ultimately, attending too many trade shows and speaking at any opportunity could do more harm than good.

So, how can a public relations agency help your organization decide on the best speaking engagements that will position your business as a thought leader? Here are three key questions to ask yourself before you hire a PR agency:

Does the agency specialize in health IT public relations?

Finding the right public relations agency to help you is essential. Look for an agency with experience in health IT public relations. This is key, because if a potential PR firm doesn’t have the right knowledge and tools to help your company deliver your message at the right tradeshows and events, it will be a waste of your business’ time and efforts.

 Will the agency assist with trade show preparation?

Once your organization has decided on the right trade shows and events to participate in, a public relations agency can help you with booth location, graphics and collateral material creation and messaging. Your presence at the right shows and in the right location are essential to making your business a leading player in health IT.

Will the agency help you follow up with your leads?
Much like any networking event or marketing campaign, following up with your new contacts will be important in order to turn them into leads. A public relations agency will be a part of your team, managing or implementing your follow up campaigns, maintaining relationships with industry principals, and furthering your business’ value as a thought leader and respected speaker.

Are you ready to work with an agency that specializes in health IT public relations, making it easier to find and manage speaking engagements? Contact Ripley PR at and let us help you build your brand, setting your organization as a thought leader.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

This post was written by on November 15, 2017

How’d they do that???

Three ways public relations can put your home service business in front of customers

The internet is a strange and wonderful place. As a home service business owner, you may wonder, “how is it my competitor is always showing up online as the go-to company?” A home service public relations agency can help your business get more exposure – the good kind.

Here are three methods a PR agency with great talent can employ to help your home service business show up as experts in home services:

  • Press release placement – A savvy home service public relations agency will be able to write compelling, newsworthy press releases on topics of interest to homeowners. Not only do you want good content, you want it placed in all the right publications. Again, that’s where the right kind of PR agency comes in. They will know what publications in your service area will hit your potential customers, and they will get your releases picked up by those outlets.
  • Monitoring industry trends – A seasoned home services public relations agency will monitor the latest trends in your industry. By monitoring trends, they will know what story the local TV station will lock onto. Then, they will make sure your business is pitched as the experts on the topic de jour.
  • Social media connectivity – Traditional media is one avenue, but the smart money will keep an eye on social media as well. Good PR says to put your story on all the right social media channels to connect with potential customers. Compelling words and images will help catapult your business into the lead in traditional media as well as on social media.

If you want your home service business to become known as the best in town, a home service public relations agency with talent and expertise can help you get there.

If any of the above resonates with you and your home service business, we at Ripley PR would love to talk with you. Not only are we a home service public relations agency, we know we can elevate your company to expert status.

John Cherry, Senior Brand Manager

This post was written by on November 9, 2017

Versatility, planning and confidence sets Ripley PR content apart

In today’s public relations environment, content is king. But it has to be good. Poor, dashed-out blog posts that are written without much thought do little to advance client goals of search-engine optimization, positive page ranking, driving traffic and getting brands and stories in front of potential customers.

Here are five things we do at Ripley PR, a global B2B public relations agency based in Knoxville, to ensure the content we produce for our customers is the best in our market and beyond.

  1. We keep it unique. Our content producers regularly brainstorm with clients, brand managers and each other to ensure our work is relevant, engaging, topical and timely.
  2. We adhere to tight deadlines. This helps us stay on task, gives us ample time for quality work, and makes sure we are not just another content farm cranking out content for the sake of content. This also allows clients ample time to review our work, and gives us ample time to perfect it.
  3. We are professionals. We are fortunate to have journalists with years of real-world reporting, writing and editing experience on staff. Ripley content producers are confident in their writing ability, allowing us to focus on producing high-caliber work rather than just making sure our work is free of grammar and spelling mistakes. We don’t just promote your brand, we tell your story.
  4. We write with confidence and authority. Our proven expertise allows us to stick to the proper tone and write for your targeted audience. Years of work within the sometimes technical realms of the franchise, manufacturing, construction and home service industries ensures we can boil down complicated material into accessible content for your customers.
  5. We are versatile. We have a range of expertise in complicated fields and can tailor our work and platforms to meet your goals. Be it blogs, social media, white papers or case studies, our customers can rest assured we’ve been around the block a few times and know ways to get your brand – and story – in front of customers.

As quality content continues to be a major driver in successful public relations campaigns, rest assured we have a stable of writers here who can exceed your goals and expectations.

Content is king, but we’ll make sure at the end of the day you are king of your content.

Thomas Fraser, Senior Content Specialist

This post was written by on November 8, 2017

Preparation can protect your franchise brand

All it takes to ruin the reputation of a franchise company is one rogue franchisee who commits a grievous error that attracts media attention. The proverbial bad apple can indeed spoil the whole bunch. Franchisors need to reduce the risk of a crisis and be prepared for any eventuality, and a franchise public relations firm can be an effective partner.

Prevention is the first line of defense. Vetting potential franchisees – including their business, financial, criminal and personal backgrounds – is routine, and rightly so. Unlike an employee, the franchisee is an entrepreneur who operates with little direct supervision. A franchisor must have confidence in those to whom the brand is entrusted.

Training, too, is vital. Successful franchises have standardized policies and procedures that must become second nature to franchisees.

Once a new location is launched, franchisors must provide support and ongoing training to ensure the brand’s policies and procedures are being followed. The training should include instruction on crisis preparedness and crisis management. Quality control measures such as customer surveys can help identify problem areas at individual locations.

Sometimes, however, despite the best efforts of a franchisor, a franchisee creates a crisis situation. Franchise companies must be prepared to deal with unwanted attention, which is where a crisis plan, developed in partnership with a franchise public relations firm, can prove invaluable.

Crisis is any situation that threatens the integrity or reputation of an organization. It can take many forms – from a franchisee or employee running afoul of the law to data breaches to lawsuits. Without a plan in place, a crisis can sprawl out of control and harm the entire brand.

A strong crisis management plan can guide franchisors in dealing with unexpected situations. Forming a crisis communications team is essential. A public relations firm can help field questions from the media, help craft a compelling message and minimize bad publicity.

A  firm also can help the crisis communications team’s designated spokesperson practice answering tough questions quickly, completely and honestly. Public relations professionals also can point out pitfalls to avoid – lying, omitting key information and being uncooperative with authorities, to name a few.

Predicting what crisis might erupt in the future is virtually impossible, but having a plan in place that is clear enough to be effective and flexible enough to adapt to any situation can shield a franchise company’s reputation from the worst.

If you’re a franchise that wants to take steps to protect your brand, call Ripley PR at 865.977.1973. We have the franchise public relations experience to help safeguard your company’s reputation.


Scott Barker

This post was written by on November 6, 2017

A Powerful Tool to Grow Your Manufacturing Business

If your manufacturing business needs more exposure, contact Ripley PR for manufacturing public relationsCreating videos is a powerful tool to help grow your manufacturing business. According to a recent study, 70 percent of B2B buyers watch a video sometime during their buying process. And researchers are viewing 30 minutes or more of B2B-related videos during their product research process.

Are you making the most of this powerful tool?

The B2B Path to Purchase study showed that videos help extend the conversation of your product.

They’re [product researchers] watching the videos that appear on YouTube because they find them highly useful. These videos are also helping extend the conversation: When asked what they did after watching, B2B researchers said they talked to colleagues, looked for more information, visited a brand’s website/store, or shared the video. Start to finish, videos are playing an increasing role for these researchers. That means you need to be producing content that helps them learn about, compare, and research their B2B purchases.

Manufacturing public relations specialists can help you create useful videos for your business.

Typical videos that grab the most attention to drive sales include:

  • Videos about product features
  • How-to videos
  • Professional reviews

The manufacturing public relations experts at Ripley PR have years of experience creating compelling video content for manufacturing businesses. Contact us today to discuss how you can boost awareness and sales with videos.


Celeste Vlok, Senior Brand Manager

This post was written by on November 3, 2017

White Papers: A Winning Content Strategy for B2B Public Relations

What is a white paper?

Well, the glib answer is a money-making B2B public relations tool for your company. The dictionary definition, while less catchy, is more precise. It’s an “authoritative report giving information or proposals on an issue.”

White papers can give your company a chance to showcase its product or services in an informative manner that documents the needs they fill.

In the complex world of B2B sales, you have to convince multiple decision makers at any one company to justify purchases from your firm. A white paper can offer supporting evidence as to why you are the best choice.

How do you write a white paper?

Producing a white paper involves comprehensive research into technical subjects. Then the technical subject matter has to be distilled into content that can understood by both experts and non-experts. It also has to prevent a convincing argument.

If the process sounds a little intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. The experts at Ripley PR have the writing and public relation skills to develop compelling and in-depth white papers while promoting them to the right audiences.  We can help your business develop a winning B2B public relations strategy.

How do you promote a white paper?

A recent study by the Content Marketing Institute showed that 65 percent of marketers use white papers as part of their B2B public relations strategy. Good content marketing makes the most use out of any product. Once a white paper is produced, it can be promoted through press releases. This not only draws attention to the document itself, but it can be used as a vehicle to garnering media attention for your company or invitations for your subject matter experts to speak at trade shows.

White papers can be used directly for lead generation. The content can be gated behind a lead capture page before it is downloaded. The capture page itself can feature a video summarizing the white paper, generating even more attention.

Afterward, white paper content can be repurposed for other uses including infographics, blog posts and social media content to boost your company’s internet presence. All these uses are components of a winning B2B public relations strategy.

Joel Davis, Senior Content Specialist

This post was written by on November 1, 2017

Put your values to work


How to make the most out of what makes your franchise unique

All the great franchises have, at their core, a set of values that their entire business model revolves around.

Which Wich® Superior Sandwiches is all about vibes.

Ace Hardware ensures conversion stores keep their family name.

Our client, Tint World Automotive Styling Centers, is all about family.

Whatever principles, attitude and beliefs you put into your franchise, you should be taking advantage of sharing the stories behind those values with potential franchisees.

As franchise public relations experts, we understand the power great storytelling can have on selling more franchises. Great stories engage prospects, and when you can tie into what it means to be a part of your franchise system, it shows them what their life could be like if they joined up.

It’s not enough to tell a franchise prospect that they’ll make a lot of money if they choose your franchise. That’s not why most franchisees get into the franchising world. Most are looking for a change. Maybe they’re tired of their current job or want to be their own boss. Whatever their reason, they need to know what kind of business they’ll be buying into, and they need to feel that it will be a good fit.

Emotion factors into buying decision for nearly every person, and that’s no different for potential franchisees. The best kind of prospects, the ones who are all-in and believe in what you’re doing, those are the ones you can attract by showing them what your values mean.

What are your values? What do they mean to your franchisees? How has living by your franchise values helped them become better business owners, better leaders, and better family members? How have they succeeded?

These are the stories you need to leverage. Put your values to work in your communications with franchise leads, and you’ll make a strong emotional connection to what life can be like if they join your team.

If you’re interested in learning how you can make the most out of your values, give Ripley PR a call today at 865.977.1973.

JD Sizemore, Account Supervisor

This post was written by on October 30, 2017

3 Steps to Increasing Booth Traffic at Auto Industry Trade Shows

As important as it is to find the right automotive public relations agency to help you find and participate in the top auto industry-related events, the most effective PR firm will leverage your trade show presence to encourage booth traffic, improving the ROI your company sees from its trade show activities.

Here are three areas where an experienced public relations agency will help increase booth traffic at the next event:

  •  Communication is keyTrade Show - Boosting your brand - Ripley PR

Letting conference or trade show attendees know that you’ll be at an event is key in order to spark their interest. However, without a public relations agency to promote your business’ brand and its products or services being offered at the show, a massive email campaign might fall flat without the right planning.
Before deciding on the right agency for you, make sure that they have automotive public relations experience, email marketing successes and understand the nuances and intricacies within the industry.

  • Booth graphics and collateral

Unless you have a knowledgeable in-house graphic designer, developing targeted  graphics and collateral that represent your brand’s identity can be a challenge for many businesses. The most effective collateral materials increase booth traffic, have a call to action and educate attendees on your company’s products and services.

Through a public relations agency that specializes in the automotive industry, you’ll be working with a team of knowledgeable professionals that will design the right materials for you.

  • Understand your audience

A public relations agency can help your company conduct research that will help you better understand your target audience, making it easier to communicate with them in the most effective manner and offer solutions to ease their pain points.

After any event or trade show, your public relations agency will also help you follow up with your new contacts, making sure that you build a strong relationship with them, continue to educate them on your products and services, and offer them easy ways to purchase through effective calls-to-action.

Are you ready to increase booth traffic and continue to create brand awareness? Contact Ripley PR at and let us assist with your automotive public relations needs.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

This post was written by on October 26, 2017

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